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Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition

Comprehensive Small Business Backup and Recovery

Backup Exec™ 15 Small Business Edition delivers reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery designed for small businesses. In one simple yet comprehensive package proven in millions of installations worldwide, you get a total solution for data backup, system restoration and disaster recovery.

New Features

Easy Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrade to Backup Exec 15 quickly and easily. Backup Exec maintains single backup policies for multiple servers and their configuration settings when upgrading from Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3 and newer versions. In addition, migrate to the Backup Exec Capacity Edition by trading in your Backup Exec, Backup Exec V-Ray or Backup Exec Small Business Edition licenses and save.

Amazon Cloud Storage

New AWS Storage Gateway VTL integration accelerates IT agility by seamlessly migrating existing and new backup jobs to cloud storage.
The seamless integration enables anybody to take advantage of Cloud Storage benefits like automation, elasticity and Pay-as-you-Go directly from Backup Exec without spending time and resources learning and managing new products or re-architecting environments.

Key Features

  • Protect virtual and physical environments with a single solution.
  • Backup to disk, tape, and cloud.
  • Fast, efficient, and versatile recovery that easily restores virtual machines, servers, applications, databases, file/folders or granular objects in seconds.
  • Integrated bare-metal disaster recovery, physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical (V2P) recovery.
  • Easy-to-use interface provide the visibility you need to quickly and simply track, monitor and manage every backup and recovery job.

Key Benefits

  • A complete solution for both system recovery and data retrieval.
  • Affordable backup and recovery designed specifically for up to 3 servers including servers hosting virtual machines.
  • Backup to almost any storage media including external drives, tape, NAS, cloud and disk.
  • Dramatically minimize downtime and data loss by rapidly recovering what you need, when you need it.
  • Efficiently restore data directly from storage, which simplifies and speeds up recovery when you need it most. No more wasting valuable time searching for specific data.
  • Manage your entire backup environment from a single management console saving you time, money and complexity.

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