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Symantec Cluster File System

Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System is the cornerstone of a highly available environment, delivering faster recovery for business-critical applications with reduced complexity and costs. Compared to traditional single-instance file system implementations, Cluster File System significantly reduces application downtime and improves data access. Because multiple servers share the same storage resources, the length of time it takes to bring storage online is drastically reduced when an application fails. The high performance file system spans heterogeneous servers to provide concurrent access to data and enables faster failover of applications and databases, such as Oracle, SAP or Tibco.

What are Agents, Options and Add-ons

Options are used to extend the functionality of the base product.


High Availability Version

High Availability (HA) versions of Storage Foundation Cluster File System products include Symantec Cluster Server powered by Veritas to automatically detect and recover from database or system failures. Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA also supports manual failover for system upgrades or maintenance. Up to 64 nodes can be centrally managed via a single user interface. With Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA , file systems, databases and applications can remain online at all times.
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Replicator Option

Replicator Option adds disaster recovery to Storage Foundation products. Data can be replicated from any storage device over any distance on any IP network. Replicator Option supports both synchronous and asynchronous replication and can guarantee write-order fidelity for your mission-critical data.

Enterprise Solution for Hadoop™

Symantec's Enterprise Solution for Hadoop™, based on Veritas Cluster File System technology, provides a scalable, resilient data management solution for handling Big Data workloads.