7 Steps to Windows 7: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Your Windows 7 migration doesn’t have to be difficult. Symantec can help you meet the challenge—and capture the opportunity. Our Windows migration and deployment solutions streamline processes to cut the expense, delay, and disruption of your migration, keeping you in control. Find out how.
ROI Calculator: Windows 7 Migration Discover what you could be saving using Symantec to migrate to Windows 7.
Considering a Windows 7 Migration 7? Learn the Best Practices from the Experts View how you can implement a well-planned and automated Windows migration that is efficient, cost-effective and doesn’t disrupt end-user productivity.
The Smart Route to Windows 7 Brochure Get on the right path to efficiency from migration to implementation.

Migrate to Windows 7 with Confidence

Migrating to a new operating system or to new hardware can be a daunting task. Symantec has migrated more Windows operating systems than any other vendor with more than 10 years of experience. Automate the Windows 7 migration process with standardized client builds and processes to ensure a more supportable and resilient system and zero desk side visits.

  • Industry-leading imaging and Windows migration tools
  • Readiness assessment and status reporting
  • Automation of the process from beginning to end for zero-touch migrations, even to off-site locations
  • Comprehensive user data and settings personality transfer
  • On-going automated patch management
  • Automated energy conservation
  • Reduce PC ownership costs with effective endpoint management strategy
Altiris Deployment Solution
Altiris Deployment Solution is the premiere product for Windows 7 migrations and deployments with an easy-to-use central console, pre-defined automation tasks for migration, PC “personality” transfer, flexible system configuration, and automated software deployment. Not only will it seamlessly handle Windows 7 migrations and deployments, but helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing all the desktops and notebooks in your environment from a centralized location.

Altiris Client Management Suite
Go a step beyond deploying and migrating to Windows 7 and into comprehensive systems management with Altiris Client Management Suite. It automates time-consuming and redundant tasks to minimize efforts and costs associated with deploying, managing, securing and troubleshooting client systems so you can gain control of your IT environment.

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite
For smaller IT organizations that cover many IT functions with few resources, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is an excellent choices for Windows 7 migrations and deployments. Symantec Ghost is the industry’s most widely-used corporate imaging, deployment and system management solution. With proven hardware-independent imaging capabilities it significantly accelerates day-to-day imaging and migration needs.

Wise Package Studio
Wise Package Studio software—the premier application lifecycle management solution—gives you control of your organization’s applications, deployment preparation, and corporate standards. Based on a structured application management, packaging, and a quality assurance process called enterprise software packaging, Wise Package Studio provides everything you need to prepare applications for deployment.