Virtualization Improves Windows 7 Migration

Migrating to Windows 7 is a great time to look at new methods of delivering and supporting users and applications. Symantec’s Endpoint Virtualization solutions improve delivery and management of Windows 7 by providing flexible options for delivering on-demand applications, end-user profiles, and by reducing application conflicts.
Top 12 Reasons to Use Endpoint Virtualization Why use Endpoint Virtualization Suite with Windows 7? Here are the top reasons to adopt an Endpoint Virtualization strategy in your organization.
The Smart Route to Windows 7 Brochure Get on the right path to efficiency from migration to implementation.

Virtualize Your Applications for Efficiency

Where are you on your endpoint virtualization initiative? If you have been putting it off, a Windows 7 migration is the perfect time to implement Symantec Endpoint Virtualization technologies to streamline your desktops. Whether you deploy Endpoint Virtualization before or during your migration, the automated delivery, optimized license management, and improved application compatibility can dramatically reduce the ongoing cost of ownership of every desktop, whether physical or virtual. By implementing streaming and application virtualization ahead of your migration, each new Windows 7 desktop will dynamically configure itself according to the user and role that logs in to it, without IT intervention.

  • Unify and centralize application lifecycle management in physical, virtual, and hybrid environments
  • Automate endpoint configuration across the LAN, WAN and Internet based on user roles
  • Optimize license costs and ensure compliance using proactive deployment and provisioning rules
  • Eliminate application conflicts to improve system stability and reduce support costs
  • Extend the life of legacy applications that are non-Windows 7 compliant
  • Reduce support costs and Help Desk calls
  • Dynamic desktop configuration minimizes the number and size of images you need to deploy during migration
Symantec Workspace Corporate/Remote
Symantec's Endpoint Virtualization Suite addresses the growing need to contain the high cost and complexity associated with managing endpoints today, while simultaneously insuring maximum end user productivity.

Symantec Workspace Streaming
Symantec Workspace Streaming is an application streaming solution that enables on-demand application provisioning, offline cache, license recovery and instant application upgrades. Symantec Workspace Streaming increases end user productivity with controlled, guaranteed access to any Windows based applications from any location at any time, including remote and mobile users.

Symantec Workspace Virtualization
Symantec Workspace Virtualization provides application virtualization that helps reduce application conflicts, testing requirements and support calls. Symantec Workspace Virtualization helps IT organizations improve management and control over endpoints to reduce the total cost of ownership of of laptops and desktops.