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Business Perspectives

Run Your Business with Confidence
Thoughts and Analysis from Carine Clark
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Welcome to the first issue of The Confident SMB. Small and midsize businesses are the driving force that can help turn around the economic downturn. Unfortunately, many SMBs are so caught up in handling their day-to-day responsibilities that they often times don’t have time to address best practices that can make all the difference in growing company revenues, expanding geographically, increasing revenue from existing customers, and managing cash flow better.

Consider this: In a recent study of SMBs, 59 percent of respondents admitted they have no endpoint protection, 47 percent do not back up their desktop PCs, and 33 percent lack even the most basic antivirus protection. In other words, many SMBs are at risk of losing or compromising critical business information. You simply can’t afford to compromise your business information.

Now more than ever, employee efficiency and managing costs are critical if your revenues are going to continue to grow—or even remain stable. These days, even the smallest businesses are leveraging technology to maximize employee efficiency and control costs. Smart business owners recognize that IT not only helps to improve customer experience, it enhances nearly everything they do as a business.

And while no one can guarantee higher revenues, Symantec is here to support you to become more productive and efficient, and to help you get the most out of your IT investment. So whether you’re concerned about the complexities of introducing new technologies, inadequate disaster recovery capabilities, insufficient storage capacity, or operational inefficiencies, Symantec can help you secure and manage your information-driven world.

Go ahead, run your business with confidence. We’re here to help you to do it better with Symantec software and services.


Carine S. Clark
Chief Marketing Officer, Symantec

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