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IT Projects:


Prepare for and recover from the effects of equipment failure or accidental loss of data with consistent and reliable data protection that improves the efficiency of systems and staff.


  • Remediating time-consuming and inefficient management of the computer backup and recovery process
  • Providing reliable and fast system recovery in the event of system failures or disasters
  • Avoiding loss of business productivity due to rapid data growth, limited IT resources, and shrinking backup windows
  • Complying with a growing number of regulations governing the handling and protection of customer data
  • Establishing consistent backups and reliable recovery with limited IT resources and network bandwidth
Protect and recover critical data and systems.
  • Ensure reliable and fast data, system, and application recovery
  • Improve recovery times, reduce storage consumption, and centralize data from remote offices
  • Improve operational efficiency with data protection software offering automated backup tasks, simplified management, and recovery in minutes - not hours or days
  • Protect and recover both physical and virtual systems using Symantec’s Granular Restore Technology, a best-in-class data protection solution