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Symantec Email Continuity.cloud

The Symantec Email Continuity.cloud service provides an affordable standby email failover system that activates in minutes, providing virtually uninterrupted access to email in the event of a mail server outage. The email continuity service is synchronized with your primary email system including contacts, calendars, distribution lists and global address lists.

During an outage, users continue to access email functionality through Outlook, a BlackBerry device, or a Web browser. Email, contacts, and calendar items are automatically resynchronized when the primary email system is back online. Data is secured in transit and when stored in data centers by advanced encryption technologies.

What are Agents, Options and Add-ons

Add-ons are additional products that work with the original product.


Symantec Email Anti-Spam.cloud

Email Anti-Spam.cloud provides you with a proven, industry-leading spam filtering solution. Our multi-layered hosted email spam filter service blocks 99% of spam (95% for email with double-byte characters) before it reaches your network. Increase security protection while lowering costs and improving worker productivity.
  • Industry-leading accuracy and spam capture rates.
  • Multi-layered hosted spam protection.
  • Comprehensive control over email filtering.
  • World class spam filter reporting system.
  • Supports all email messaging platforms including Exchange, Domino, Groupwise, and Linux.
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Hosted Email Archiving

Hosted Email Archiving provides you with a proven hosted email archiving service that meets your needs for mailbox management, e-discovery, email compliance and supervision. Our Email Archive safely and securely stores all internal and external emails, provides end-users with virtually unlimited mailboxes and enables email search and retrieval to be completed in seconds.
  • Securely stores internal and external emails, meeting mailbox management, e-discovery and legal compliance needs.
  • Unique encryption feature ensures privacy of archived messages and attachments, even during search and retrieval.
  • Advanced search architecture enables rapid search and retrieval from folders within Outlook.
  • Quick to deploy and easy to manage, with virtually unlimited end-user mailboxes.

Hosted Email Content Control

Hosted Email Content Control scans and filters email content within the message body, headers, subject line and within popular document format attachments to help identify confidential information, inappropriate language, offensive jokes and other inappropriate content sent or received by employees. Use our hosted service to prevent data loss and reduce exposure to legal risk.
  • Multi-layered hosted service designed to detect confidential or inappropriate text-based email content.
  • Comprehensive, flexible and intuitive rule-building.
  • Scanning of all email components; header subject, body and attachments.
  • Fully customizable word list thresholds.
  • Recognition of non-Western characters.
  • Dashboard, summary, plus detailed and scheduled reporting.