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Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control

Device control software

Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control software enables organizations to monitor device usage and file transfer activity, control access to ports, devices, and wireless networks, as well as to restrict user’s ability to copy protected information to removable media. When implemented with Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage Edition, the combination provides protection for enterprise data on endpoints from the risks associated with USB security, as well as other portable devices and media.

What are Agents, Options and Add-ons

Add-ons are additional products that work with the original product.


Device Control Auditor

Device Control Auditor gives organizations immediate, actionable facts about the devices and Wi-Fi networks that PCs are connecting to in an enterprise network, enabling IT staff to identify real and potential threats to private, sensitive and protected data.
  • Fast, comprehensive reporting of all external media devices and Wi-FI network connections
  • Agentless operation
  • Precise, current and historical device, network and port connections
  • Integrated with Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device