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Symantec Messaging Gateway for Service Providers

Symantec Message Filter powered by Brightmail (formerly Symantec Brightmail Message Filter) combines effective spam filtering, high accuracy rate and a flexible, high throughput engine. Deployed at the email gateway, this easy-to-manage solution defends against spam, phishing, viruses, and other unwanted email. With user selectable industry specific filtering capabilities it meets service providers security needs without imposing a significant administrative burden. Backed by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, Message Filter protects over 850 million mailboxes and over 200 service providers globally.
Symantec Message Filter is designed for Service Provider environments which need a flexible software integration with the existing MTA. For Enterprise customers, Symantec Messaging Gateway (on-premises appliance or virtual appliance), Email Security.cloud (hosted) or Symantec Mail Security for Exchange/Symantec Mail Security for Domino (direct integration with on-premise messaging platform) are the recommended mail security solutions, providing better protection, more functionality, and built-in message management.

Key Features

  • Real-time automated spam filter updates backed by the Global Intelligence Network.
  • Statsig technology specifically targeting 419/Nigerian spam, a leading source of spam contributing to brand erosion.
  • 99% antispam effectiveness rate with very few false positives.
  • Adjustable rules based on service provider and large enterprise needs to provide the best mix of performance and effectiveness in large scale deployments.
  • Award-winning Symantec Antivirus protection scans and cleans messages infected with viruses and mass-mailing worms.
  • Centralized reporting provides in-depth filtering statistics with visibility across all servers, providing key data on spam filtering performance and the latest spam trends.

Key Benefits

  • Award-winning solution leveraging multiple technologies, globally distributed operations centers, patented spam detection network, and real-time filter delivery mechanisms to provide effective filtering for large scale messaging infrastructures.
  • High accuracy rate ensures users don’t miss important email due to misclassification.
  • Daily monitoring of accuracy and automatic review of all potential false positives reduce administration overhead.
  • Real-time and automatic updates provide latest protection and require no tuning or training of filters by administrators.
  • Integrates with Sun Java Messaging Server, Message Systems Ecelerity, Sendmail, Postfix and Microsoft based MTAs, as well as many more.