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Symantec NetBackup Appliance 5000 Series

The Symantec NetBackup 5000 series, offers scalable deduplication appliance solutions for the enterprise that provides operational simplicity, effective utilization of bandwidth and storage, and high performance. It provides the critical features required to protect all your data. It reduces the size of backups by up to 50 times with a deduplication engine that can be deployed for storage and bandwidth reduction and connected to a NetBackup domain, in a matter of minutes. An open and flexible architecture allows you to easily scale the size of the solution to meet the changing needs of your environment.


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Customer may choose to license NetBackup based upon a traditional model or a capacity based model. Traditional model licenses are essentially component based (i.e., based upon the OS type and the power of physical machine). The capacity model simplifies how customers manage their backup environment by basing licenses on the amount of data to be protected (front-end data). This approach provides customers with more flexibility by allowing them to focus on how to best protect data regardless of the type of machine or method of protection used (e.g., tape, disk) and where the data is stored (e.g., multiple sites).

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NetBackup Appliances Information

Symantec understands the shifting needs of the data center and offers the NetBackup appliances as an additional option for customers to leverage with their backup and deduplication strategy. To help data centers maximize on their investment of time and budget, Symantec has compiled the hardware, software and support into a single-vendor enterprise appliance.
The NetBackup appliances simplifies the deployment of Symantec's award-winning backup and recovery solution as well as the data deduplication solution, ideal for customers looking for turnkey solutions for their organization. The appliances enable efficient, storage-optimized data protection for the data center, remote office and virtual environments.