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Discover how a Symantec Partners’ expertise empowers you to proactively protect your information while making it more visible and manageable.
Your business information is too important to be trusted to just anyone. When you chose a Symantec Partner you can rest assured that they have the services expertise and insight to better solve your information security and information management challenges using Symantec solutions.
To effectively deliver the solutions and services you want, Symantec Partners can achieve competency in 11 different solution and delivery-based areas that align to Symantec's technology portfolio. Partners can achieve two levels of competency, Principal and Expert. Partners holding Principal level Competency have met sales, marketing, technical pre and post-sales, performance, and customer satisfaction requirements. Partners with the elevated Expert level Competency hold a validated proficiency in solution or delivery areas, have met achievement against advanced revenue and growth targets, and have an increased demonstration of customer satisfaction.
Discover a Symantec Partner today, to receive an exceptional customer experience from a trusted provider of Symantec solutions and services to help make your business a success.
Learn more about Symantec Competencies and what this means to you!

Symantec Competency Portfolio

  • Symantec Archiving Competency*
  • Symantec Data Security Competency*
  • Symantec Dynamic Storage and Continuity Competency*
  • Symantec eDiscovery Competency*
  • Symantec Endpoint Management Competency*
  • Symantec Enterprise Backup and Recovery Competency*
  • Symantec Security Monitoring and Management Competency*
  • Symantec Endpoint Security Competency
  • Symantec Gateway Security Competency
  • Symantec Mid-Market Backup and Recovery Competency
  • Symantec Mobility Competency
*Services Expert Competency available