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Symantec NetBackup Platform

Backup and recovery platform optimized for any workload/storage output, delivered at the lowest TCO possible.

  • Protecting Against Virtual Machine Silos
    Protecting Against Virtual Machine Silos
    The NetBackup Platform gives organizations the flexibility to protect, manage, and recover virtual machines. It doesn’t matter if they’re VMware or Hyper-V based, or both.
  • Integrated Backup Appliances
    Integrated Backup Appliances
    The NetBackup Appliances feature the entire NetBackup Platform suite on performance-optimized hardware, a single turnkey solution for backup, deduplication, and storage. Deploying an appliance when refreshing media servers, protecting remote offices, or modernizing protection in the data center, reduces operating expenses and integration complexity.
  • Remote Office Backup
    Remote Office Backup
    The NetBackup Platform delivers innovative technologies that help organizations centrally manage the protection of remote office data through deduplication, NetBackup Appliances, and Accelerator backups. Combined, these technologies virtually eliminate the manual, batch processes that are complex and costly to maintain.
  • Snapshots and Backup
    Snapshots and Backup
    Snapshots represent a key supplemental component to a holistic data protection strategy. The NetBackup Platform allows customers to take advantage of snapshot and replication technologies without sacrificing recoverability, improves customization of a tiered backup and recovery strategy, and lowers data protection costs.
  • Modern Disaster Recovery
    Modern Disaster Recovery
    The NetBackup Platform helps enterprises create a truly modern approach to disaster recovery with innovative features like AIR (Auto Image Replication), NetBackup Accelerator, NetBackup Replication Director, and our Integrated Backup Appliances.
  • Better Backup for Big Data
    Better Backup for Big Data
    The NetBackup Platform extends innovative technologies to help enterprise customers protect their big databases, big data warehouses, and Hadoop environments. Few vendors can venture into the realm of protecting hundreds of petabytes, but Symantec has been doing it for years.

What is NetBackup?


NetBackup award-winning Backup and Disaster Recovery software for physical and virtual environments.


While backup takes many forms, recovery shouldn’t. NetBackup with V-Ray technology unifies backup, deduplication, replication, snapshots, and appliances with support for VMware and Hyper-V in a single product.


All-in-one, scalable backup solution that meets backup and recovery needs across physical and virtual environments

NetBackup Appliance 5000 Series

The Symantec NetBackup 5000 series, offers scalable deduplication appliance solutions for the enterprise that provides operational simplicity, effective utilization of bandwidth and storage, and high performance

NetBackup Appliance 5200 Series

Symantec NetBackup 5200 series is an extension of the market leading NetBackup software in an easy to use appliance form factor.