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Solutions for Central Government

Central Government

Solutions for Central Government

The Symantec Internet Security Threat Reports (ISTRs) show how cyber attacks against governments intensify year-on-year. Landmark cases have shown that risks to the critical information infrastructure of governments and countries are real and can be highly damaging.

The cost of malicious cyber attacks goes beyond any quantifiable financial damage or the loss of information incurred by government agencies; it affects reputations and the trust of citizens and businesses alike. Symantec is working with governments around the world to protect information and critical infrastructures against this intensifying of sophisticated targeted cyber-attacks.
Symantec also provides proven solutions to secure government cloud and enable cost-efficiency, as well as securely manage mobile devices and leverage mobility capabilities for the public sector workforce.

In education, Symantec provides solutions to protect confidential information on students’ laptops, mobile devices and desktops, as well as network access control and storage options. In addition, institutions can benefit from a cost-effective and secure approach to distance learning.