Solutions for Defence


Solutions for Defence

Symantec provides ministries of defence with a cyber security framework to counter targeted malicious threats, and data management solutions to secure the integrity of both resident and mobile information. Securing information and protecting a country’s assets and citizens remain key priorities for defence agencies.
As these agencies are under increasing pressure to achieve cost efficiency, Symantec solutions can help by maximising and optimising IT investments for both the operational and backstage environments. As an example, Symantec solutions allow the processing, storage and retrieval of large amounts of data securely; including real-time situational awareness alongside constant availability and flawless reliability.

The need for mobile capabilities is increasing in the military operational and disaster relief spaces. This need can be met by protecting networks and managing identity and access. Encryption plays a vital role in ensuring mobile data is protected in case of malicious attacks from enemy forces or attempts to smuggle classified information out of legitimate premises.

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