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250-352: Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows

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Exam Details

Number of Questions: 90-100
Exam Duration: 120 minutes
Passing Score: 50%

Answer each question then check the correct answers provided at the bottom of the page.
1. What is one advantage of a striped volume layout?
  • a. It can use any number of disks to create a volume because there is no limitation.
  • b. It provides more flexibilities when expansion is needed than a concatenated volume.
  • c. It increases read performance with the number of disks across a striped set.
  • d. It writes the data evenly across multiple disks, which increases performance.
2. How does Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows benefit a Microsoft Failover Cluster?
  • a. It allows volumes to be created.
  • b. It provides physical disk resources.
  • c. It allows volumes to be mirrored.
  • d. It enables failover of local storage.
3. Which value for a service group attribute FailOverPolicy allows Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to select the system running the fewest service groups as the failover target?
  • a. Priority
  • b. Load
  • c. RoundRobin
  • d. Capacity
4. Which Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows installation option facilitates the use of the FastResync feature for volumes?
  • a. Volume Replicator (VVR)
  • b. Fast Failover
  • c. Global Cluster Option (GCO)
  • d. FlashSnap
5. How can Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows improve I/O performance?
  • a. by using subdisk split to break volumes into smaller subdisks
  • b. by adding FastResync to the volumes and restarting the server
  • c. by using Dynamic Relayout to change to striped volumes
  • d. by disabling automatic track alignment and relocating volumes
6. Which cluster configuration is based on the concept that multiple, simultaneous server failures are unlikely?
  • a. N-to-N
  • b. N-to-1
  • c. asymmetric
  • d. symmetric
7. Which type of cluster can be configured for a web server that runs on local disks without requiring data sharing at the web server level?
  • a. shared nothing cluster
  • b. replicated data cluster
  • c. campus cluster
  • d. stretched cluster
8. If installing with a keyless option, how long can the product be used without connecting to a Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) server?
  • a. 30 days
  • b. 60 days
  • c. 90 days
  • d. permanently
9. An administrator determines that the CleanRetryLimit attribute is set to a value other than the default value, which is 0.

Which behavior is expected when the value is set to the default level?
  • a. Clean entry point will be re-tried indefinitely.
  • b. Clean entry point will be ignored.
  • c. Clean entry point will be executed.
  • d. Clean entry point will log clean reason.
10. An administrator decreases the value of the MonitorInterval attribute from the default to 30 in order to reduce the time required for fault detection.

Due to the increased monitoring frequency, what can also increase in the system?
  • a. load
  • b. memory
  • c. paging
  • d. processes
11. Which Symantec service or product can be used to run installation and upgrade checklists?
  • a. Veritas Cluster Server Management Console (VCSMC)
  • b. Symantec Operations Readiness Tool (SORT)
  • c. Veritas Operations Manager (VOM)
  • d. Symantec Operational Services (SOS)
12. An administrator is unable to log in to a cluster and needs to know why. The error message the administrator receives is, "Unable to connect to the VCS engine securely."

How can the administrator resolve this issue?
  • a. verify the Symantec Product Authentication Service configuration and make sure the cluster was configured to run in secure mode before the SecureClus attribute was set to 0
  • b. verify the Symantec Product Authentication Service configuration and make sure the cluster was configured to run in secure mode before the SecureClus attribute was set to 1
  • c. verify the file has the correct Veritas Authentication Service configuration
  • d. verify the Veritas Authentication Service is running and stop and restart the service
13. Which command is used to add a user to the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS)?
  • a. haconf
  • b. hauser
  • c. hadhelper
  • d. hacf
14. Which service is used to provide secure communication between cluster nodes?
  • a. Symantec Product Authentication Service
  • b. Veritas High Availability Engine Service
  • c. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
  • d. Symantec Network Access Control Service
15. An administrator plans to cluster an existing file share that resides on a disk group and volume. When the administrator runs the FileShare Wizard, the wizard is unable to see the disk group. The administrator has looked in the Veritas Enterprise Administrator and can see both the disk group and volume.

How should the administrator resolve the problem?
  • a. The disk group must be created and imported with the wizard.
  • b. The disk group must be deported and then imported with the wizard.
  • c. The disk group must be changed to a cluster disk group.
  • d. The disk group should be deported and imported with the VMDg resource.
16. A cluster administrator has a service group with multiple service group dependencies. The administrator needs to manually determine which server to fail the service group over to. The cluster administrator wants to use the autofailover service group attribute.

What are two valid settings for the autofailover service group attribute? (Select two.)
  • a. All
  • b. 1
  • c. True
  • d. False
  • e. 0
  • f. None
17. The application that an administrator needs to configure in a cluster can restart and recover in the event of a failure.

Which resource type attribute needs to be considered for Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) to allow multiple failing monitor cycles with the expectation that the resource will eventually respond before declaring as faulted?
  • a. RestartLimit
  • b. ToleranceLimit
  • c. RetryLimit
  • d. OnlineRetryLimit
18. An organization has a three node cluster with a web service group and a database service group.

Which service group dependency will achieve a dependency such that if a critical resource faults in either service group, both service groups must fail over to the same server?
  • a. online local soft
  • b. online local hard
  • c. online global soft
  • d. online global hard
19. What is the minimum number of disks recommended for a mirrored quorum volume in a four node campus cluster?
  • a. 3
  • b. 4
  • c. 6
  • d. 7
20. In a Microsoft Failover Cluster environment, storage devices are enabled for SCSI-3 protocol and SCSI-2 protocol is selected in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows.

What is the expected behavior?
  • a. Read performance can improve but may degrade write performance.
  • b. SCSI protocol commands are translated into SCSI-3 if DMP Device Specific Modules setting for SCSI-3 support is enabled.
  • c. Storage device SCSI protocol setting changes to SCSI-2.
  • d. Storage Foundation for Windows SCSI protocol setting for DMP Device Specific Modules changes to SCSI-3.
Answers: 1-d, 2-c, 3-c, 4-d, 5-c, 6-b, 7-a, 8-b, 9-a, 10-a, 11-b, 12-d, 13-b, 14-a, 15-c, 16-b&e, 17-b, 18-b, 19-b, 20-b

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