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de Persgroep NV

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Europe, Middle East, Africa | Publishing | Enterprise

IT infrastructure at de Persgroep is a centerpiece of the company’s growth and acquisition strategy. Migration to a next-generation, open storage management and information management architecture provides de Persgroep with a strategic advantage and substantial operational efficiencies.

Products Implemented

Storage Foundation
Cluster Server


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Success Details

Products Implemented

Storage Foundation
Cluster Server

Organization Profile

  • Founded: 1888 (Het Laatste Nieuws)
  • Employees: Over 3,500
  • Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
  • Products: Newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and electronic media
  • Operations: Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Newspaper Subscribers: 3+ million
  • Magazine Subscribers: 2+ million
  • Website: www.persgroep.be