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Cloud Computing promises IT the ability to increase efficiency and save money, but raises questions as to how best to safeguard your information and ensure regulatory compliance. Gain the control and visibility against an evolving threat and compliance landscape with Symantec.
Securing the Cloud for the Enterprise

Joint VMware and Symantec white paper discussing how to overcome security and compliance concerns and accelerate your way to the cloud.

Read and discover eight best practices for preventing cloud incursions
Learn the best practices for surviving a cloud outage.

Cloud Security

Video: See how this data center secures its cloud.


Symantec Security solutions provide:
  • Innovative protection effectiveness with a unique platform-independent logical policy groupings (physical/virtual)
  • Reduced security workloads across both virtual and physical deployments
  • Ability to identify, monitor and manage rogue, vulnerable or non-compliant systems

Recommended Products for Cloud Security

Data Loss Prevention
Simplifies the detection and protection of your company’s intellectual property, wherever it is stored. Helps cloud teams identify at risk workloads to drive risk management on placement of workloads in public versus private clouds. Provides insight to help control and define the scope of audit for Cloud-based assets.
Critical Systems Protection
Host-based detection and prevention to shield Cloud-based virtual machine infrastructures and services against inappropriate behaviors and activities that lead to unplanned downtime or data compromise.
Endpoint Protection
Built for highest protection effectiveness and optimized scan performance to deliver peak availability of Cloud-based virtual machine infrastructures.
VeriSign Authentication Services
Solutions that allow companies and consumers to engage in communications and commerce online with confidence. VeriSign Authentication Services include: SSL Certificates, Code Signing Certificates, the VeriSign Trust Seal, and User Authentication.


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