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Symantec Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE

Symantec Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE combines the strengths of Sybase ASE CE with the robust storage management and high availability capabilities of Storage Foundation High Availability to implement robust, manageable, and scalable Sybase shared disk clusters, offering benefits in storage management, high availability, and performance.

Key Features

  • Simplified management
  • High availability
  • Data integrity
  • Reduced storage footprint
  • Virtual Business Services
  • Scalable database performance

Key Benefits

  • Centralizes multinode management and makes Cluster Edition as easy to manage as a single-node database
  • Protects against interconnect failures, node hangs, and other failure mechanisms, and protects the database from logical errors by providing point-in-time copies
  • Eliminates the risk of data corruption in the event of a "split brain" condition, with I/O fencing
  • Reduces primary storage footprint through the use of compression
  • Provides faster recovery and minimal downtime for applications composed of multiple components running on different physical and virtual tiers, adding resilience to the private cloud
  • Utilizes database accelerators and multiple physical paths to disks, for supported storage devices