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Symantec O₃

Single Sign-on (SSO) and Identity-based Access Control for the Cloud

Symantec O3 is a unique cloud security platform that provides single sign-on and enforces access control policies across web applications. Symantec O3 helps enterprises migrate to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications while ensuring that proper risk management and compliance measures are in place to protect enterprise data and follow regulations.
Symantec O3 improves security without getting in the way of usability. With Symantec O3, end users only have to login once, across all of their web applications. It works equally well for both cloud-based and internal web application use cases.
In short, O3 enables enterprise IT to embrace the cloud while retaining visibility and control – simplifying the use of cloud applications for both enterprise IT staff and for users.

Data Sheets

Symantec O3: A New Control Point for the Cloud

Symantec O3™ is a new control platform which solves cloud security problems using identity-based access control across multiple cloud applications. Leveraging existing identity management infrastructure, Symantec O3 will enforce security and compliance policies for cloud applications without getting in the way of productivity.

White Papers

How to Provide Secure Single-Sign On and Identity-Based Access Control for Cloud Applications

This paper describes how single sign-on (SSO) provides a convenient and simple user interface to all cloud services and Web applications used by an enterprise.
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