Symantec Advances Enterprise Mobility with Odyssey Software and Nukona
Symantec has acquired Nukona and Odyssey Software. By offering both mobile device and application management, Symantec will further address the “Consumerization of IT” and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trends by helping IT organizations protect data and applications across both corporate managed and personally owned unmanaged devices.
The acquisition of Nukona, a provider of mobile application management (MAM), complements Symantec’s acquisition earlier this month of Odyssey Software, a provider of mobile device management (MDM).

Odyssey Software

Odyssey provides a MDM solution for customers as well as a modular platform that can enable mobile management from a variety of on-premise and SaaS solutions. With Odyssey, Symantec offers a complete mobile device management (MDM) offering for Android, Windows Phone7 and iOS, offered from two of the most widely deployed systems management solutions: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Altiris IT Management Suite (ITMS) from Symantec.


With Nukona’s ability to natively protect and control iOS, Android and HTML5 apps, Symantec will address the core problem of corporate and personal data separation without limiting the end-user experience or application adoption. By securely distributing and managing mobile applications and content, Symantec customers will be able to address corporate data security concerns around data loss prevention, encryption and authentication on a per-application basis, for both BYOD and corporate owned devices.
Odyssey provides the MDM foundation to enroll and manage all necessary device settings across a broad range of platforms, while Nukona provides an innovative approach to seamlessly distribute, secure and control applications and data without requiring the enterprise to manage the devices. By offering both cross-platform mobile device and application management, Symantec will enable CIOs to say “yes” to the onslaught of digital natives – people born in a world of connectivity – demanding to use devices and apps of their choice. Symantec will help customers secure enterprise critical mobile apps and data while managing and protecting them with policies, including authenticating users, encrypting sensitive files, preventing data leakage and selectively wiping corporate data.
Odyssey Nukona Symantec
“And this is what makes Symantec’s acquisition of Nukona (as well as Odyssey Software a month prior) so valuable to I&O professionals developing and managing mobile strategies. This is a major signal that the mobile management space is growing up since there is finally a single solution to address what I&O professionals care about today: devices, apps, and data.”
“Acquiring Odyssey Software has allowed it (Symantec) to immediately improve its support for Android smartphones, as well as to extend its support to Windows Phone 7 devices, to which it had not previously catered. The acquisition also provides Symantec with code and expertise that will speed up future development and releases. Nukona’s technology will enable the vendor to secure mobile applications without needing to have control over the whole device, as it adds a layer of management to the native and web-based apps that organizations want to secure.”