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Veritas Operations Manager

Centralized Storage Management

Veritas Operations Manager from Symantec is a centralized operationally focused tool that enhances the management of Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, and ApplicationHA across different application, server, virtualization, and storage platforms.

What are Agents, Options and Add-ons

Agents are required for a product to operate on a certain platform. Options are used to extend the functionality of the base product. Add-ons are additional products that work with the original product


ApplicationHA Management Add-on

ApplicationHA Management Add-on provides visibility and control of applications running inside virtual machines on Unix, Linux and VMWare based virtualization technologies.
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Package Anomaly Add-On

The Package Anomaly add-on compares a set of servers against a set of packages in an attempt to find systems that are non-standard or have installations different than other similar or related systems in the datacenter. The results are displayed on a graphical report that facilitates spotting anomalies.

Virtual Business Services Availability Add-on

Virtual Business services Add-on leverages the core Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) functionality and enables you to start, stop and configure fault propagation for multi-tier business applications running on heterogeneous OS platforms and virtualization technologies to provide continuous high availability and reduce frequency and duration of service disruptions.

Storage Insight

Use Storage Insight to get deep array information and ensure that your volumes are properly provisioned using the right LUNs. Get visibility from physical devices to logical devices along with RAID levels, array replication, array clones and physical disk specs. Adopt thin provisioning confidently with thin pool reports showing consumption and subscription rates. Supported arrays: Hitachi via HiCommand server, EMC Symmetrix via symcli, IBM XIV via xcli, EMC CLARiiON via NavisecCLI and NetApp via Data ONTAP SDK interfaces.

Thin Reclamation

Perform reclamation operation over Veritas file systems provisioned on thin reclaimable arrays or LUNs. Scale operations by simultaneously reclaiming file systems on multiple hosts, and thin pools in an array or by application. Schedule reclamation to ensure optimal storage consumption and keep your thin provisioned LUNs thin.

To download the add-on, please go to the download site. For information on deploying the add-on, please download the guides below.

VVR Bandwidth Reporting Add-On

The VVR Bandwidth Reporting add-on allows administrators to generate report on the data transmitted between the primary and the secondary hosts in the time period specified by the user.

To download the add-on, please go to the download site.