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Symantec Web Security.cloud

Symantec Web Security.cloud helps protect your organization from Web-borne threats and enables the control, monitoring and enforcement of Web Acceptable Use Policies with minimal latency. Automatically updated anti-malware layers block threats safely away from your network while URL filtering policies and Web traffic quota limits reduce Web misuse and help protect your bandwidth.

What are Agents, Options and Add-ons

Options are used to extend the functionality of the base product.
Add-ons are additional products that work with the original product.


Web Data Protection

Web Security.cloud enables organizations to control data leaving the network over the web and offers the ability for customers to define granular policies to control the data loss threat from locations such as social media, webmail and file sharing sites.

Flexible policies can be created quickly for both HTTP and HTTPS web traffic. Web Data Protection will assist businesses with:
  • Compliance with their regulatory requirements such as HIPAA through usage of the included templates.
  • Protection of intellectual property (IP) such as source code.
  • Build customized policy based on business requirements.
  • Reporting breaches of data protection policies.


Roaming and Remote Worker Support

Web Security.cloud can help you protect and enforce Web policies for workers who access the Internet outside of your corporate LAN.

Whether you have users in home offices, small regional offices, or frequent travelers, our service options for roaming and remote users can help you secure and enforce proper Web use in numerous environments.
  • Promote secure Web browsing that is compliant with your policies when users are off the corporate LAN.
  • Provide support for roaming users when they access the Internet from hotspots, pay-for-use portals, public Wi-Fi and VPN connections.
  • Delivered over a global infrastructure, with automatically updated layers of malware defense.
  • Allows for reporting on service performance and Web policy compliance of roaming and remote users.