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Symantec Encryption Management Server

Encryption Management Server provides organizations with a single console to manage multiple Symantec encryption solutions. IT organizations can manage users, automate administrative activities and establish policies to defend sensitive data and avoid the financial loss, legal ramifications, and brand damage from a data breach.

Customer Success

Symantec Corporation

Symantec Corporation needed to address internal audit concerns about potentially sensitive information stored on laptops and desktop PCs. Symantec deployed its own drive encryption solution on a global scale. Results include successfully mitigating risk of data loss, approaching 95% user compliance rate companywide, streamlined audit process, encryption runs in the background so employees can stay productive, and integrated with Microsoft Active Directory for single sign-on efficiency and end user simplicity. View Story

Athens International Airport S.A.

Athens International Airport is continually innovating ensuring the 16 million passengers that travel through the major European hub every year receive a consistently reliable and secure experience. Using PGP encryption technologies from Symantec, AIA is defending confidential data throughout its operations, encrypting email messages, shared files, data on laptops, and other mobile endpoint devices.  View Story

Carrington Holding Company

Looking to streamline, integrate, and build their security infrastructure, Carrington turned to Symantec solutions. Symantec solutions not only help Carrington protect their sensitive data but also improved efficiencies, supported virtualization, provided fast recovery, reduced Exchange stores and enhanced performance. View Story

Continuum Health Partners, Inc.

To keep its IT infrastructure healthy, Continuum relies on data protection, archiving, eDiscovery, and endpoint and messaging security solutions from Symantec. Results include 100 percent recovery success, fivefold faster eDiscovery, and 87 percent less staff time spent managing endpoint security, in addition to substantial cost savings.  View Story

Evolent Health

The healthcare business is changing in the United States, and Evolent Health is leading that change. Founded in 2011 by The Advisory Board Company (a healthcare research, technology, and consulting firm) and UPMC Health Plan, Evolent Health is building a digital platform that integrates healthcare demographics, finance, and treatment. View Story


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