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Symantec Endpoint Protection

It's time to move beyond antivirus. Targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats cannot be stopped by antivirus alone. These distinct threats require layered protection and intelligent security at the endpoint. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 brings unrivaled security, blazing performance, and smarter management across both physical and virtual environments. By leveraging the world’s largest global intelligence network, Symantec can proactively identify at-risk files and stop zero-day threats without slowing down your performance. Only Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 provides the security you need through a single, high-powered agent, for the fastest, most-effective protection available.

Customer Success

Audio Visual Dynamics

Since 1964, Audio Visual Dynamics (AVD) has been providing audio visual products and services for client stage presentations and events around the world. It turned to Symantec Silver Partner Zaphyr Technologies and Symantec Backup Exec.cloud the day before Superstorm Sandy hit, saving data successfully. AVD lost power, yet its employees in the field in other regions could still access data from Backup Exec.cloud.
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Red Deer Advocate

As with any daily publishing environment, deadlines must be met or revenue is lost. The Red Deer Advocate relies on its computer systems—about 35 PCs and 60 Macs, as well as Windows-based and Mac servers. View Story

Asia Pacific Telecom Co. Ltd.

Asia Pacific Telecom Co. Ltd. turned to Symantec and Symantec Partner Stark Technology Inc. for solutions. Results include 100% recovery and 99.99% backup success rate, 99.99% uptime for critical systems for 10 years, no endpoint security incidents since deployment, and near 100% patch compliance on endpoints. View Story

Kibbutz Ein Gedi

Kibbutz Ein Gedi is a kibbutz located on the western shore of the Dead Sea in Israel. For this small, dynamic kibbutz, data underpins everything they do, and Symantec technologies offered cost effective, reliable peace of mind. View Story

Baldwin Park Unified School District

Baldwin Park Unified School District has avoided any significant damage from malware for 10 years, helping it to maintain 99.9 percent network uptime. Managing security for all 4,100 endpoints takes less than 10 hours per week. Improved scan performance is allowing the district to defer US$1.3 million in hardware refresh costs. View Story