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Threat Activity Trends

Threat Activity Trends Introduction | Malicious Activity by Source | Web-Based Attack Prevalence | Web-Based Attack Activity | Malicious Websites by Search Term | Data Breaches That Could Lead to Identity Theft | Malicious Shortened URLS on Social Networking Sites | Bot-Infected Computers

Threat Activity Trends Introduction

The following section of the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report provides an analysis of threat activity, as well as other malicious activity, and data breaches that Symantec observed in 2010. The malicious activity discussed in this section not only includes threat activity, but also phishing, malicious code, spam zombies, bot-infected computers, and attack origins. Attacks are defined as any malicious activity carried out over a network that has been detected by an intrusion detection system (IDS) or firewall. Definitions for the other types of malicious activities can be found in their respective sections within this report.

This section discusses the following metrics, providing analysis and discussion of the following trends:
  • Malicious activity by source
  • Web-based attack prevalence
  • Web-based attack activity
  • Malicious websites by search term
  • Data breaches that could lead to identity theft
    • By sector
    • By cause
    • Type of information exposed in deliberate breaches
  • Malicious shortened URLs on social networking sites
  • Bot-infected computers