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Symantec Backup Exec V-Ray Edition

Symantec Backup Exec 2014 ofrece copias de seguridad y recuperación eficaces, flexibles y fáciles de usar para proteger sus máquinas virtuales. Con tecnología moderna, Backup Exec realiza copias de seguridad de los datos locales o remotos en prácticamente cualquier dispositivo de almacenamiento, como cintas, discos o la nube. La recuperación es rápida y eficaz. Con solo unos clics, puede buscar y restaurar rápidamente máquinas virtuales completas, aplicaciones virtuales y objetos de archivos o aplicaciones granulares directamente desde el almacenamiento.

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Backup Exec V-Ray Edition

Symantec Backup Exec is one integrated product that protects virtual and physical environments, simplifies both backup and disaster recovery, and recovers data or systems at any scale, from an individual item to an entire server.

Backup Exec 2014 Agents and Options

Agents and Options enhance and extend the Backup Exec features, capabilities, and platform support.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Backup Exec 2014

Save time, get more reliable backups, fast, easy recoveries and reduce costs by upgrading to Symantec Backup Exec 2014 today.

Top 5 Reasons to upgrade to Backup Exec 2014

No matter which version of Backup Exec you’re currently using, upgrading to Symantec Backup ExecTM 2014 can help you save time, get faster backups, and reduce costs. Backup Exec 2014 features improved performance, increased visibility, simplified management, and support for the latest operating systems and applications.

Backup Exec 2014 Feature Comparison Matrix

Take a closer look at the features of Backup Exec introduced by product versions.

White papers

ESG Lab Validation Report: Achieving Best Practices For Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery

This ESG Lab Validation report documents hands–on testing of Symantec Backup Exec 2014. Testing focused on advanced virtual server data protection and how Backup Exec 2014 measures up against best practices in virtual data protection.
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Backup Exec 2014: Protecting SQL

Administrators responsible for the backup and recovery of SQL environments understand the challenges associated with backup technologies that are not specifically designed to protect SQL Servers. Backup Exec 2014, a modern and reliable backup and recovery solution for Microsoft SQL Server, provides an essential safeguard to help protect critical data that is stored in SQL Server databases.

ESG Lab Review: Protecting Virtual Environments with Symantec Backup Exec 2014

This ESG Lab review documents hands-on testing of Symantec Backup Exec 2014, with a focus on ease of management and flexible recovery options for virtual machine backups. Find out how Backup Exec 2014 stacks up.

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