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Symantec Enterprise Vault

Archivo de información para almacenar, administrar y detectar la información crítica de la empresa

Enterprise Vault, líder del mercado en archivado de contenido integrado, permite a los usuarios almacenar, administrar y detectar información no estructurada en toda la organización. Enterprise Vault, la solución de archivado más implementada del sector, ayuda a los clientes a eliminar datos duplicados en el origen a fin de reducir costos, eliminar información con confianza y detectar información de manera eficiente.

Qué son los agentes, las opciones y los complementos

Las opciones se utilizan para ampliar la funcionalidad del producto básico.


Compliance Accelerator

Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator is a highly configurable add-on solution to Enterprise Vault. Compliance Accelerator allows organizations to perform easy, cost-effective supervisory review of email to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies such as NASD. Providing the framework to select and sample target email, manage its review by appropriate reviewers, and record the process for audit purposes, Compliance Accelerator dramatically decreases the cost and effort of email supervision, review and compliance demonstration.
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Discovery Accelerator

Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator extends the basic search functionality of Enterprise Vault to help lower the cost of data collection and facilitate the search and recovery process of archived items used for electronic discovery. The release of Discovery Accelerator provides significant enhancements delivering a more powerful and efficient search capability, configurable enforcement of items during a litigation holds and flexible export capabilities to simplify production.

Encase Ingest Connector

The Encase Ingest Connector allows the Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator customer to ingest Guidance EnCase Logical Evidence files into the Enterprise Vault archive for use in the legal discovery process by Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator.
This feature is included with the E-Discovery Enterprise Edition Product Suite (bundle) or can be licensed as an à la carte Option. It is priced Per User, based on the number of Users with Guidance Encase Logical Evidence files that will be ingested into Enterprise Vault and corresponds to the number of Users licensed for Discovery Accelerator.

File System Archiving

Enterprise Vault File System Archiving provides "out-of-the-box" archiving support for any application that generates and stores information in standard files. File System Archiving saves critical space on file servers by seamlessly moving files to alternative storage devices without impact on the end-user. Archive files, by age, size or other criteria. Items are compressed, stored and indexed centrally by Enterprise Vault, and can be searched as well as retrieved transparently by users via optional placeholders.

Microsoft Exchange PST Migrator

Enterprise Vault software allows organizations to migrate all existing PST file data into the archive repository. Restoring user search and accessibility to this data enables the organization to effectively achieve PST eradication.

Microsoft Exchange Public Folder Archiving

Enterprise Vault Public Folder Archiving archives individual public folders in Microsoft Exchange. Optionally, shortcuts are left behind allowing users to easily view or restore the original items transparently through Outlook or via extended web-based search functions.

Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino Mailbox Archiving

Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino archives individual mailboxes to eliminate quotas, message size restrictions and simultaneously control message store growth. Admin-defined policies automatically archive email and attachments out of the email server and into online Enterprise Vault stores. Optionally, shortcuts are left behind allowing users to easily view or restore the original items transparently through Outlook, Notes, or via extended web-based search functions.

Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino Journaling

Enterprise Vault works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino journaling in order to satisfy the corporate legal or regulatory retention requirements. Enterprise Vault can be configured to retain a copy of all email messages sent and received, ensuring that they are kept for the appropriate period of time required to meet regulatory or legal retention requirements.

Secure Messaging and Rights Management Adapter

The Enterprise Vault 8.0 Secure Messaging and Rights Management Adapter replaces the following EV 7.x named adapters:
  • Adapter for Microsoft Rights Management Server
  • Adapter for PGP
  • Adapter for Liquid Machines (LMDC)
Licensing this connector provides ability to read and index encrypted content enabling Compliance Accelerator and Discovery Accelerator to discover and review Journal content. Specifically this license enables Enterprise Vault to decrypt content secured by Microsoft Rights Management Sever, PGP encryption added by PGP Desktop (including Universal Server) and Enterprise Rights Management protections added by LiquidMachines Document Control.

SharePoint Archiving

Symantec Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 extends the value of SharePoint environments for collaborating and managing content by automatically archiving from document libraries, folders, and files. This powerful combination helps enterprises enforce retention policies, increase application performance, and reduce the storage and costs associated with managing high volumes of electronic content. Adding SharePoint data to Enterprise Vault helps ensure compliance with corporate policies and litigation preparedness and can be searched alongside other sources (for example, Microsoft Exchange or file system data) using standard Enterprise Vault software tools such as Discovery Accelerator.

Enterprise Vault Archiving for SharePoint Overview