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Veritas Operations Manager

Administración del almacenamiento centralizada

Veritas Operations Manager de Symantec es una herramienta centralizada orientada a las operaciones, que mejora la administración de Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing y ApplicationHA en diferentes plataformas de aplicaciones, servidores, virtualización y almacenamiento.


Requirement to be able to install Veritas Cluster

blaine | 21/08/2014 09:29:21 AM

I need a solution Hello,   I would like to know if this is possible to install Solaris 11 + Oracle and a couple of DB and then, at a later time, create install veritas and create a cluster with a second identical server which will be the secondary/passive cluster member? In other...

Configure Flexible Storage Sharing using Veritas Operation Manager 6.1

ccarrero | 5/08/2014 02:22:27 AM

Version 6.1 for VOM (Veritas Operation Manager) has been released recently. This new version brings management capabilities for Cluster File System and Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) environments. In this blog entry I will highlight how to start using VOM to manage FSS and how to create a new volume. Before being able to manage FSS it is necessary to...