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Veritas Operations Manager

Administración del almacenamiento centralizada

Veritas Operations Manager de Symantec es una herramienta centralizada orientada a las operaciones, que mejora la administración de Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing y ApplicationHA en diferentes plataformas de aplicaciones, servidores, virtualización y almacenamiento.


ADScanJob issue since upgrading to 4.5

Bitter_Steve | 4/03/2015 07:10:54 AM

I need a solution We upgraded Data Insight to 4.5 and the time it takes the ADScanJob to run has increased from 2 hours to over 4 days. We are seeing this in lab environments as well as multiple production environments. I was told by Symantec engineering that it is fixed in 4.5.2 (although not...

Software Defined Storage at the Speed of Flash

ccarrero | 29/01/2015 03:41:10 PM

Twitter Card Style:  summary Symantec and Intel introduced a Solution Overview for a storage management architecture using Software Defined Storage and Intel PCIe drives with NVMe support in another blog entry . The proposed solution offered better...