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File Archiving

Tap Your File Archive to Shine Light on Dark Data

File Archiving

Symantec’s file archiving solutions shine light on your dark data and help you proactively organize, manage and secure your file repositories.

Read the File Archiving data sheet to learn more about the benefits of using a systematic approach to archive files.

As enterprise data grows on storage resources, it can quickly exhaust terabytes or more of expensive storage space. Storage spent on “dark” or infrequently accessed data not only consumes precious data center resources, but it costs time and money to manage and maintain.
Symantec Enterprise Vault™ File Archiving addresses dark data by providing an automated and integrated solution for archiving file content, thereby adding governance to file environments, lowering overall storage costs, and enabling eDiscovery of file content.

Key Benefits

Enable File Governance

  • Apply retention and deletion policies to archived file content
  • Block unwanted or inappropriate content
  • Enable rapid search and eDiscovery for internal audits and legal purposes

Get the Most from Your Storage

  • Free up space on file servers and storage to reduce overall storage requirements
  • Keep all content fully searchable and instantly accessible to the end user or the wider organization

Preserve the user experience

  • Seamless shortcuts maintain end-user access to content in the archive
Unstructured data continues to grow rapidly, increasing data management costs as well as security and compliance risk for the organization. There is growing urgency to put the brakes on runaway costs and risk, however organizations are often constrained by being in the dark on what data exists, who owns it and its relevance to the business. IT needs a better contextual understanding of their data prior to embarking on data management or data protection initiatives. They also need to identify and engage data owners, to confidently take actions without impacting the business.
Symantec™ Data Insight helps organizations improve unstructured data governance to reduce costs and risk through actionable intelligence into data ownership, usage and access controls. Data Insight’s reporting, analytics, and visualization capabilities shine a light on the data by giving organizations an understanding of what data exists, how it is being used, who owns it and has access to it.

Key Benefits

Increase operations efficiency and reduce costs

  • Identify stale and orphan data and drive clean-up
  • Streamline operations for data migration and remediation projects
  • Growth and planning with data usage patterns

Protect information from security risks

  • Remediate sensitive data through the integration with Symantec DLP
  • Audit historical access, monitor sensitive data usage
  • Find open shares and lockdown

Achieve compliance

  • Audit access to data for confidentiality and integrity
  • Identify data owners and automate entitlement reviews
  • Archive with Enterprise Vault for retention
Understand the dark data you have to make more informed data protection and data management decisions.