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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Découvrir, surveiller et protéger vos données confidentielles

Symantec Data Loss Prevention est une solution complète permettant de localiser, de surveiller et de protéger les informations confidentielles en fonction du contenu, quel que soit l'endroit où elles sont stockées ou utilisées (réseau, stockage et terminaux).

Symantec Data Loss Prevention


The Psychology of Insider Theft: What Pushes Employees to Steal?

Do you recognize the early warning signs of employees who are likely to steal intellectual property? Leading forensic psychologists Dr. Harley Stock sheds new light on his research recent research with Dr. Eric Shaw into the motivations and behaviors of malicious insiders. What motivates them to steal an organization’s confidential information?
During the podcast, you will learn about:
  • The “critical pathway” approach to insider theft
  • The profiles in insider theft: who, what, when, how and why they steal
  • The risk indicators and factors of IP theft
  • Steps you can take to help defend your organization against malicious insiders
December 7, 2011


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Data Loss Prevention 10.5 Launch Podcast

What are customers excited about in the latest release of Symantec Data Loss Prevention? We’re introducing new capabilities to enable secure use of social media, protect information in private clouds, and take ownership of unstructured data. Learn more about Symantec’s market leading data security suite with Linda Park, Product Marketing Manager, Data Loss Prevention.April 9, 2010


Protect Your Intellectual Property with Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11

Enterprises face growing challenges in protecting their most valuable information – their intellectual property. Join Symantec’s David Dorosin, director of product marketing, as he discusses the ever-increasing risks of data loss and how Symantec is working to help its customer protect their intellectual property and other forms of unstructured data with the release of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11, which simplifies the detection and protection of hard-to-find intellectual property.December 14, 2010


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Create Remote IDM Using Copy of RDX Files

In some enterprise environment, the sensitive documents that needs to be protected by IDM, are locate in some kind of restricted area. The DLP Enforce cannot access these files logically/physically, or have no rights to access these files. Under such scenario, how can we create a remote IDM? The solution/workaround for this kind of scenario is to install...

Publié: 2014-03-04 11:11:04