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Symantec Endpoint Protection

Il est temps d'adopter une solution plus puissante qu'un simple antivirus. ‎Les attaques ciblées et les menaces persistantes avancées ne peuvent pas être bloquées par un simple antivirus. Ces menaces particulières nécessitent une solution de protection par couches avec un système de sécurité intelligente au niveau du terminal. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 apporte une sécurité inégalée, des performances accrues et des fonctions de gestion plus intelligentes dans les environnements physiques et virtuels. Grâce à l'exploitation du plus grand réseau de gestion intelligente des données au monde, Symantec est capable d'identifier de façon proactive les fichiers à risque et de bloquer les attaques de type "zero-day" sans ralentir vos performances. Seule la solution Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 permet d'assurer la sécurité dont vous avez besoin via un agent unique et puissant, en garantissant la protection la plus rapide et la plus efficace du marché.

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Protecting PoS Environments Against Multi-Stage Attacks*

Supporting credit card transaction processes within PoS environments requires a technology infrastructure made up of more than just endpoint PoS devices.
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Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms*

Why is Symantec positioned the highest in vision and execution? Read the leader’s report and get in-depth expertise on the endpoint protection market.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12: A Forrester Wave Leader 2013*

Forrester Research says, "Symantec leads in breadth of product portfolio and in strategy." Access the report for endpoint protection market insights and an analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor.

SANS - Layered Security: Why It Works*

Attackers are leaving no stone unturned, prying into web applications, operating systems and even deeper in the hardware. Read this whitepaper from SANS institute to find out more about Symantec’s layered security solution. Download now.

ESG Brief- It's Time for Enterprises to Secure Mac Computers*

Last year, Mac malware increased by 66% with a single, high-profile attack infecting over 600,000 machines. Malware authors are targeting unsuspecting Mac users and gaining access to organization's data. Still wondering whether Macs need protection? See what advice a senior strategic analyst at ESG has to share.

Symantec 2012 Endpoint Security Best Practices Survey*

Symantec commissioned Applied Research to field the 2012 Endpoint Security Best Practices Survey to see how more than 1,400 IT professionals around the world are coping with endpoint security. The findings show a wide variance between how the best and worst organizations handle endpoint security practices.

Securing the Promise of Virtualization*

A joint white paper from VMware and Symantec on how you can meet the challenges of ensuring security in a virtual world.