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Symantec Backup Exec V-Ray Edition

Symantec Backup Exec 2014 est une solution de sauvegarde puissante, flexible et facile à utiliser pour protéger vos machines virtuelles. Basée sur une technologie moderne, Backup Exec sauvegarde les données locales ou distantes sur des systèmes virtuels ou physiques, tels que des bandes, des disques ou dans le cloud. La restauration est rapide et efficace. En quelques clics, vous pouvez rapidement rechercher et restaurer des machines virtuelles complètes, des applications virtualisées, des fichiers granulaires ou des objets d'applications à partir du système de stockage ou du lieu de stockage de la sauvegarde.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Backup Exec 2014

Save time, get more reliable backups, fast, easy recoveries and reduce costs by upgrading to Symantec Backup Exec 2014 today.

Top 5 Reasons to upgrade to Backup Exec 2014

No matter which version of Backup Exec you’re currently using, upgrading to Symantec Backup ExecTM 2014 can help you save time, get faster backups, and reduce costs. Backup Exec 2014 features improved performance, increased visibility, simplified management, and support for the latest operating systems and applications.

Backup Exec 2014 Feature Comparison Matrix

Take a closer look at the features of Backup Exec introduced by product versions.

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Achieving Best Practices for Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery*

This ESG Lab Validation report documents hands-on testing of today's virtual server data protection and identifies the market leaders. Download it now to find out how each solution measured up against best practices in virtual data protection.
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Four simple steps to create a dependable Disaster Recovery Plan*

This paper covers four simple steps, customized to fit your situation, to prepare you should a disaster strike. If you need help creating your disaster recovery plan, be sure to contact your Symantec representative for more best practices and advice.

Accelerate your Success Through Virtualization*

Learn more about a unified solution for backup and recovery of your virtual environment.

Windows Server 2012 Migration/Virtualization Survey Report*

Take a closer look at organizations attitudes towards Windows Server 2012 migration, what their adoption plans are and discover the latest virtualization trends in Symantec’s Windows Server 2012 Migration/Virtualization survey findings.

Assessing the TCO of Unified vs. Parallel Backup Solutions for Virtual Environments*

This RSG white paper covers what to look for in a virtualization protection solution as well as whether to consider the merits of a separate solution for protecting one’s virtual environment, compared with using a unified solution that offers comparable virtualization protection capabilities.

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