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Symantec Cluster Server

La solution Symantec Cluster Server permet une exécution 24 h/24 et 7 j/7 de vos applications les plus importantes sans intervention manuelle. Elle automatise vos plans de reprise après incident avec des résultats et une efficacité prévisibles. Cluster Server offre une solution infaillible pour détecter les risques en matière de disponibilité des applications et automatise la restauration des applications pour assurer la haute disponibilité et la reprise après incident.

Fiches techniques

Symantec Cluster Server

Symantec Cluster Server powered by Veritas delivers high availability and disaster recovery for your critical applications.
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Veritas Operations Manager*

Gain visibility and manage your Cluster File System environment effectively with Veritas Operations Manager.

Livres blancs

Datacane - When the bits hit the fan!*

This paper is intended for those who have seen the Symantec Datacane video and wish to know more about the underlying technology used in its production.
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Strategies to Solve and Optimize Management of Multi-Tiered Business Services

In this white paper, learn how Symantec can help you to transform your existing data center into a private cloud while ensuring it is resilient and available.

Making the Virtual Infrastructure Non-Stop

Does your data center have an application blind spot? The Taneja Group conducted testing and found that the presence of Symantec Cluster Server was the difference between no application recovery and nearly transparent failover.

Reducing Risks and Optimizing the Data Center with Veritas Operations Manager*

Learn about the value that Veritas Operations Manager brings to current and new users of Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Symantec Dynamic Multi-Pathing, and ApplicationHA, including capabilities that span multiple teams within an organization from applications to server to storage administrators.

Architecting Resilient Private Clouds*PDF

Transform your existing data center into a private cloud. In this white paper, Symantec proposes an architecture for the private cloud which addresses the challenges surrounding availability and Storage As a Service paradigm.

Informations de l'analyste ESG : Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0*

Ce document étudie la dernière annonce de Symantec sur la continuité de service et le respect des contrats de niveau service actuellement en place.

ESG Technology Brief – Implementing the Right High Availability and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

IT budgets remain flat, yet businesses demand higher service levels for application availability in a 24/7 global economy. For this reason, organizations require a cost-effective HA/DR business continuity plan that is suitably fast, flexible, adaptable, and automated. Pressures for economic efficiencies are causing managers to rethink expense redundancy in their HA/DR plans.