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Symantec Server Management Suite powered by Altiris technology

Grâce à la solution complète Symantec Server Management Suite 7.6 basée sur la technologie Altiris, les administrateurs peuvent gérer les serveurs physiques et virtuels sur de nombreuses plates-formes. Ses fonctions permettent de dimensionner, de contrôler, d'automatiser et de surveiller les serveurs à partir d'une console centrale. Avec ces outils, les entreprises peuvent reprendre le contrôle de leurs serveurs, réduire les interruptions de service et améliorer la disponibilité des systèmes.

Témoignages clients


Scottish-based beCogent Limited is able to focus on delivering optimal contact center solutions to its customers as a result of having the right mix of systems management and security tools in place—from client and server management to endpoint security and service desk functions.  Afficher le témoignage

Copenhagen City Council

Copenhagen City Council, has introduced an integrated client management and endpoint security solution―underpinned by Symantec Business Critical Services―to ensure every endpoint is securely protected from malicious malware threat and quickly and reliably package applications, distributing them sometimes to users in a zero-touch environment.  Afficher le témoignage

Helvetia Versicherungen

Helvetia Versicherungen faced the Herculean task of deploying multiple servers simultaneously at its agencies throughout Switzerland. The Swiss full-line insurance company therefore decided to evaluate tools that would not only make this task easier, but also generally lighten the workload of Helvetia's small server management team. In Altiris Deployment Solution from Symantec, Helvetia found a solution that is both easy to use and capable of handling the company's heterogeneous server landscape?owing to its support for Linux.
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Client Management Suite has dramatically improved Comparex's efficiency in implementing Windows 7.  Afficher le témoignage

DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH

As a world market leader for international express delivery, long-distance and air-freight transportation, the DHL Group has established three central hubs around the globe. One of these is run by DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH. Afficher le témoignage

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nbrntd logs are getting created inside /usr/openv/logs/nbrntd at time of backup

I need a solution Logs inside /usr/openv/logs/nbrntd are getting created which is taking large space in root. bash-3.2# vxlogcfg -l -p 51216 -o 111 Configuration settings for originator 111, of product 51216... LogDirectory = /usr/openv/logs/nbemm/ DebugLevel = 1...

Publié: 25 nov. 2015 09:02:00