Business Challenge: Green IT


Green IT software can help you reduce data center energy costs and meet corporate sustainability mandates by improving utilization of existing assets.


  • Managing energy shortages and out-of-control energy costs at the data center
  • Lowering costs on power and cooling
  • Managing data centers and the electrical grids that support them, which are near or at their power capacity
  • Complying with increasing governmental regulatory requirements to quantify and reduce carbon emissions
  • Incorporating social and environmental considerations into core business practices
Reduce energy costs and improve utilization with a green data center.
  • Lower data center energy costs significantly by improving the utilization of existing systems and deduplicating data
  • Extend energy savings to endpoints while improving workforce productivity, with a reduction in annual energy costs of US$25 to $75 per workstation (Energy Star averages)
  • Fulfill corporate and government mandates with a green IT environment that helps reduce your carbon footprint and improve hardware utilization
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