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Symantec IT Management Suite powered by Altiris technology

Effectively deploy and manage systems while optimizing your hardware and software costs

Symantec™ IT Management Suite 7.5 powered by Altiris™ technology enables IT flexibility while empowering employee freedom. The suite helps IT remove boundaries by ensuring systems are securely managed regardless of location, make data-driven decisions with enhanced analysis, and maximize productivity through efficient delivery of new devices and applications.

White Papers

IT Analytics 7.1 for Altiris IT Management Suite from Symantec Solutions

IT Analytics, part of Altiris IT Management Suite from Symantec, provides advanced reporting and analytics by allowing customers to extract maximum value from the data contained within their Symantec CMDB(s).
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The Total Economic Impact of Altiris IT Management Suite 7 from Symantec

This study highlights the benefits and costs of deploying Altiris IT Management Suite (ITMS) across the enterprise of a sample Organization (see Sample Organization Description section). The findings in this study are, in large part, based on in-depth interviews conducted by Forrester with five organizations currently using Altiris products. The study examines the estimated ROI for the sample Organization and presents the aggregate findings derived from the interviews and analysis process as well as our independent research.

Overcoming Application Barriers to Windows 7 Migration

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Securing and Managing the Endpoints: The Case for Convergence

The convergence of security, compliance, and cost-effective management of endpoint systems is seen in Aberdeen’s research as an emerging characteristic of organizations with Best-in-Class results.

7 Steps to Windows 7

Ensuring a smooth transition and sustained business value from your Windows 7 migration.


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