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Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition

Funzioni complete di backup e recupero per le piccole e medie aziende

Per le aziende in piena attività, Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition elimina la confusione e offre sicurezza con una protezione completa dei dati configurabile in meno di 10 minuti in tre facili passaggi. In un pacchetto semplice e completo collaudato in milioni di installazioni in tutto il mondo, ottieni una soluzione completa per il backup dei dati, il ripristino dei sistemi e il disaster recovery.


5 agosto 2011: Backup Exec 2010 wins Business Solution Magazine double

Symantec Backup Exec 2010 wins awards in two categories: Features / Funtionality and Reliability / Durability. Backup Exec, in the words of the editor, "rose to the top based on richness of features, reliability, and ease of integration."
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25 maggio 2011: Backup Exec 2010 wins MSExchange poll

Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Small Business Server is selected the winner in the Exchange Backup & Recovery Category of the MSExchange.org Readers' Choice Awards.
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1 marzo 2011: Backup Exec 2010 lands six IT Brand Pulse awards

Symantec wins six awards, the first for Market Leadership and the others for Price, Performance, Reliability, Service & Support and Innovation.
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10 novembre 2010: Backup Exec 2010 wins Gold Medal

Symantec Backup Exec 2010 is awarded the Gold Medal. In the words of the awarding panel, "Backup Exec 2010 offers unparalleled ease of installation and operation, modular flexibility, speed, reliability, and cost/benefit ratio."
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Backup Exec 2010 recognized by Redmond Magazine

Symantec Backup Exec is chosen as the Best Backup System, in a category containing 47 other products. Backup Exec also won a Five-Star award.
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Backup Exec 2014 not expiring backup sets?

I need a solution Hi peeps, I wonder if anyone can help me out?  I'm using Backup Exec 2014 and ive set my backups to expire after 14 days, but I'm constantly having to manually clean up my drive.  The sets are blue and show as "Expired" but I have to manually "Expire" them to delete...

Pubblicato: 25-dic-2014 6.55.17