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Symantec Critical System Protection

Importanti organizzazioni si avvalgono di Symantec Critical System Protection per proteggere i propri data center fisici e virtuali. Con l'offerta di HIDS (Host-Based Intrusion Detection) e HIPS (Hosted Intrusion Prevention), Symantec propone una soluzione consolidata e completa per la sicurezza dei server. Realizza una protezione completa per VMware vSphere, blocca attacchi zero-day e mirati, e ottieni visibilità e controllo in tempo reale sulla conformità con Symantec Critical System Protection.


CIO Digest Preview: United States Postal Service, Delivering IT Quality

Writer Fred Sandsmark discusses how the United States Postal Service (USPS) was able to reduce costs and gain efficiencies with Symantec solutions. In doing so, USPS also centralized, standardized, and simplified their IT architecture.
September 27, 2007


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Vision 2007 Conference: Symantec/Accenture: Partners in Managed Security

Together, Symantec and Accenture provide a comprehensive and proactive incident response program. Greg Hughes, group president of Symantec Global Services, discusses the Managed Security Services partnership between Symantec and Accenture, which was announced at the Vision 2007 conference in Las Vegas. June 14, 2007


Interview with IT Leadership Team at Michigan Department of IT

The Michigan Department of IT (DIT) has received accolades and recognition for standardization and consolidation of IT operations and infrastructure. The DIT leadership team of Ken Theis, CIO; Patrick Hale, CTO and deputy director of Infrastructure Services; and Dan Lohrmann, CISO and deputy director, discuss their successes and lessons learned.
January 6, 2009