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Symantec Enterprise Vault

Software di archiviazione delle informazioni per archiviare, gestire e reperire le informazioni aziendali strategiche

Symantec Enterprise Vault, il leader di settore nell'archiviazione integrata dei contenuti, consente agli utenti di archiviare, gestire e reperire informazioni non strutturate all'interno dell'organizzazione. Quale soluzione di archiviazione più diffusa nel settore, Enterprise Vault aiuta i clienti a deduplicare le informazioni all'origine per ridurre i costi, eliminare le informazioni in modo sicuro e rilevarle in modo efficiente.

Altre risorse

Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange Server

Symantec Enterprise Vault helps store, manage & discover information efficiently and cost-effectively. Learn how it helps enhance Exchange through archiving & simplified eDiscovery, while preserving access to archived information, online or offline.
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Enterprise Vault for Lotus Domino

Learn how Symantec Enterprise Vault helps reduce storage related costs, improve performance and simplify eDiscovery processes for IBM Lotus Domino.

Data Classification Services with Enterpries Vault and Discovery Accelerator Demonstration

This video illustrates how Data Classification Services, using Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP), will classify emails archived by Enterprise Vault and also illustrate how reviewing data in Discovery Accelerator is made simpler.

Enterprise Vault SharePoint Archiving

SharePoint is one of today’s fastest growing data sources. Learn how Enterprise Vault can automatically archive and offload data from SharePoint servers to optimize storage and enhance discovery, all while maintaining seamless user access to information.

Enterprise Vault File System Archiving

Learn how you can reduce backup times, migrate duplicate files, apply archive and retention policies, and perform file blocking to free up valuable storage space and reduce risk.

Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator

Learn about how you can lower the cost of your e-mail supervision process while maintaining full compliance with regulatory requirements with Compliance Accelerator.

Enterprise Vault Virtual Vault

See how Virtual Vault allows for simple and efficient management, search and seamless access to both live and archived e-mail.