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Symantec Gateway Email Encryption

Symantec Gateway Email Encryption offre crittografia delle e-mail gestita centralmente per proteggere le comunicazioni tramite e-mail con clienti e partner indipendentemente dall'utilizzo o meno di software di crittografia da parte dei destinatari. Gateway Email Encryption consente alle organizzazioni di ridurre al minimo il rischio di violazione dei dati conformandosi ai requisiti dei partner e agli obblighi normativi sulla sicurezza e la privacy delle informazioni.

Storie di successo

Athens International Airport S.A.

Athens International Airport is continually innovating ensuring the 16 million passengers that travel through the major European hub every year receive a consistently reliable and secure experience. Using PGP encryption technologies from Symantec, AIA is defending confidential data throughout its operations, encrypting email messages, shared files, data on laptops, and other mobile endpoint devices.  Visualizza storia

CSR Israel

Best-in-class, integrated security and data protection all from one vendor. That is how CSR Israel sums up the value of the relationship with Symantec. The unified technologies have led to a 3-fold reduction in consumption, faster Exchange backups, and increased productivity.
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Bournemouth Borough Council

Bournemouth Borough Council chose PGP Universal Gateway Email to meet UK legislation for secure communications. The PGP solution was flexible enough to meet the diverse requirements of the Council’s various agencies and their technology solutions.  Visualizza storia