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University of Applied Sciences, Münster

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Efficiency and security. This yardstick applies as much to data centers in the public sector as it does to ones in the private sector. The University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany, has achieved a multi-level security system and improvements in efficiency, thanks to a process of centralization, standardization, and virtualization. It has set up redundant data centers at its Münster and Steinfurt sites, virtualized and clustered its servers, and rolled out a state-of-the-art solution for data backup and recovery in the form of Veritas NetBackup from Symantec, which reliably backs up the largely virtualized server landscape.

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Dettagli della storia di successo

Prodotti implementati


Profilo dell'organizzazione

The University of Applied Sciences in Münster was established in 1971 following a merger between a number of state and private engineering colleges and vocational training institutes. Today the university has 9,2000 students across twelve faculties and is one of Germany's largest and most successful applied science universities.


  • Servers: DELL, VMware
  • 2 Proxy Server Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2003, Linux
  • Applications: Oracle databases, Windows SQL 2003, Windows Exchange
  • Storage: HP EVA 4400, HP MS L8096 LTO4 tape Library