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Symantec Security Response è un team mondiale di tecnici della sicurezza, analisti e ricercatori sulle minacce che sviluppa un'ampia gamma di contenuti sulle minacce più recenti che colpiscono organizzazioni e utenti finali.
Security Response Whitepapers

The Black Vine cyberespionage group

Black Vine is a cyberespionage group that has been actively conducting its campaigns since 2012. It has been targeting several industries, including aerospace, energy, and healthcare. The group has access to zero-day exploits distributed through the Elderwood framework, conducts watering-hole attacks against sites that are relevant to its targets, and drops custom back door malware. Symantec analyzed Black Vine's attack tools and campaigns to track its activity over the past few years.
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Symantec Security Response offers white papers on a range of issues relating to Internet security. These are provided in .pdf format for your convenience.

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