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Symantec Managed PKI Service

Lower Cost and Complexity with a Managed, Cloud-Based Solution

Symantec, the leading provider of cloud-based PKI solutions, delivers a proven and trusted solution to secure mission-critical interactions. Built on Symantec’s proven, globally managed, highly reliable infrastructure, Symantec Managed PKI Service reduces the cost and complexity associated with in-house PKI and focuses enterprises on delivering solutions, instead of infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Trusted, Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Monitors, manages, and escalates across the globe with full disaster recovery and is certified as part of a SAS-70 security, WebTrust and specialized government audits.
  • Broad Application Support: Issuance of X.509 certificates that interoperate wiith operating systems, devices, VPN, mail, and web browser software. Certificate profiles for common applications are for email encryption and signing, and Adobe PDF signing.
  • Automated Certificate Lifecycle Management: Automates configuration of authentication, encryption, and signing applications across platforms and browsers. Managed PKI Service can automatically configure a user’s browser, VPN client, mail client, or other application to use certificates. PKI Client also automates renewing certificates and prevents expired certificates from interrupting business continuity.
  • Enterprise Integration: Integrate Managed PKI Service with a corporate directory to populate certificate meta-data, select and enforce certificate and application policies, and publish issued certificates. PKI Enterprise Gateway functions as a local registration authority integrating with hardware security modules to protect key material.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces PKI Cost and Complexity: Managed PKI Service's cloud-based approach dramatically lowers the cost and complexity of PKI by eliminating the facilities, hardware, software, personnel, training, and maintenance expenses associated with deploying traditional in-house PKIs.
  • Simplifies the Administrator and End-User Experience: Managed PKI Service eliminates administrator tasks, and automates the process of provisioning certificates and configuring applications to use those certificates.
  • Maximizes Deployment Flexibility: Not only can organizations deliver multiple certificate-based security applications from a unified platform, but they can also tailor the deployment to meet their needs.
  • Delivers Proven, Scalable, Reliable PKI: Symantec’s procedures, policies, and infrastructure have been proven with large enterprises, governments, and manufacturers around the world.