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Business Challenge: Mobile Device Management


Facilitating mobile device management remotely, including asset, software, configuration, and security management.


  • Identifying mobile devices accessing the network
  • Ability to secure mobile devices that have access to company information through proper patch management
  • TCO of mobile devices is high due to carrier costs for data plans and devices are easily lost, stolen or damaged
  • Common configuration challenges to ensure consistency in maintenance and security
Mobile Device Management
Symantec’s mobile device management tool reduces IT costs and complexities while improving efficiencies with comprehensive, integrated client and server management.
  • Achieve real-time systems management including remote device reset
  • Mobile device manager gives IT the ability to have remote control of smartphones
  • Conduct over-the-air hardware, software and network inventory
  • Effective mobile software management, including software delivery and automated application repair
  • Create ad-hoc reports
  • Mobile device manager seamlessly integrates with Symantec security solutions, including file encryption, device lock and device wipe
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