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Microsoft Office 365 Archiving & eDiscovery

Defensibly Archive Messages, Satisfy Legal and Compliance Requirements

Office 365 Archiving

Osterman Research believes that most organizations considering Microsoft Office 365 will need to use third party offerings to either supplement or replace the capabilities in Microsoft’s offering.

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Microsoft Office 365

Why Choose Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud?

Enterprise Vault.cloud is a leading cloud-based archiving service that integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to provide the essential layer of functionality and comfort you need to meet the rigorous business and regulatory demands for preserving data and enabling rapid eDiscovery search and review.

Advantages for Office 365 customers:

  • Satisfies email retention requirements by journaling an immutable copy of every email sent and received to a secure and tamper-proof cloud-based archive.
  • Archives content beyond Office 365 emails, including Microsoft Exchange Server and IBM Domino emails, Box and Microsoft SharePoint Server files, instant messages, and unified communications.
  • Mitigates the risks of holding data with a single vendor by providing a secondary copy of your business-critical information in another location.
  • Removes the eDiscovery burden from IT and accelerates the search and review process.
  • Provides end users with a complete record of their email without the overhead of a secondary mailbox to manage.

Streamline Your Email Migration to Office 365

If you are moving to Office 365, Enterprise Vault.cloud can help streamline and expedite the email migration process by archiving your legacy data—whether it is stored on tape, PSTs/NSFs, or trapped within existing on-premises archives — through our scalable ingestion process. Chain of custody is maintained throughout the import process and messages are indexed upon ingestion, making them fully searchable.
Archiving legacy data before you migrate means that you no longer have to move or convert your legacy data to Office 365 shrinking the project timeline while minimizing the risk of permanent data loss.
Once ingested, your end users can conveniently access and search their PST/NSF files within the archive from Outlook, mobile devices, and Web browsers.

Migrating from Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive?

Working side-by-side with Microsoft, Symantec’s archiving experts have crafted a customized plan to ensure a smooth, complete and rapid transition from Exchange Hosted Archive to Enterprise Vault.cloud.

Learn more about Symantec’s Exchange Hosted Archive Fast Pass migration program.

Unparalleled Office 365 integration

Enterprise Vault.cloud provides deep Office 365 technical integration, including:
  • Automated directory synchronization—allows you to manage and provision your users and mailboxes in one place. Each time you create a new Exchange Online user account in Office 365, a new archive account is automatically provisioned for them in Enterprise Vault.cloud.
  • Single sign-on—integrates with Microsoft ADFS 2.0, allowing end users to access their archived information in Enterprise Vault.cloud directly from Outlook using their existing Active Directory username and password.

Assume control of your information ecosystem

Symantec’s integrated portfolio of Information Governance solutions work seamlessly with Office 365 to enable you to establish a defensible and sustainable approach to archiving and eDiscovery and assume control of your information ecosystem.
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