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Symantec OpsCenter Analytics

Data Backup Management

OpsCenter Analytics, formerly Backup Reporter, helps enhance data backup management and archive operations, verify service level compliance with more in-depth policy and schedule information, and align backup and archiving with the business. This backup management software provides multi product and platform support, business reporting, and complete customization, delivering enhanced visibility and control into the backup environment and operations.

OpsCenter Overview Demo Video

Key Features

  • Long term, configurable data retention for trending and analysis.
  • Dynamic job & policy analysis.
  • Reporting on exchange archiving from Enterprise Vault.
  • Easy upgrade from OpsCenter to OpsCenter Analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Better predict backup storage consumption across multiple locations through maintained historical backup and archive job information.
  • Reports can be created around one of the most highly managed areas of NetBackup: the policy and schedule engine.
  • People are less removed from day to day operations, and have centralized reporting for data backup management and archive operations.
  • Business reporting previously available with VBR – including historical trending and predictive forecasting, cost analysis reports, complete report customization and support for 3rd party data protection products - now included in the OpsCenter package.
  • Lightweight, web-based interface allows authorized users to interact with the data backup management platform without installing additional software.

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