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Symantec O3 is a cloud information protection platform that provides three layers of protection for the cloud: identity and access control, information security and information management. Just as the earth's ozone layer sits above the clouds and protects the biosphere, Symantec O3 helps organizations with a context-aware, policy-driven layer to protect cloud users, applications and information.
The newly available Symantec O3 Cloud Identity and Access Control offers organizations a single, secure access point to a wide variety of cloud and web applications and services. Users will find Symantec O3 single-sign-on (SSO) convenient and easy to use. It leverages an organization’s existing identity infrastructure for authentication while enabling context-based authorization, password management and federation services. It comes pre-integrated with Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) service enabling strong authentication to any SaaS application. The flexible deployment options of Symantec O3 include on-premise, hosted or a combination. All access events are logged and are available for audits, forensics and other compliance needs.
The next phase of the Symantec O3 roll-out will include Cloud Information Security such as DLP and encryption to detect, block and encrypt confidential information before it is stored or shared in the cloud. The capture of security events for compliance purposes will also be included in this phase.
The O3 solution includes two primary components, on-premise or hosted security gateways, and the SaaS-based Symantec O3 Intelligence Center. Together they deliver the following key features:

Identity and Access Control

The access control layer provides single sign-on and identity brokering to ensure strong authentication and fine-grained control over access to cloud services.

Information Security

The O3 information security layer leverages advanced Data Loss Prevention and Encryption technologies to automatically detect, block and encrypt confidential information before it is stored in the cloud.


Symantec O3 collects and aggregates all cloud access and security events to support cloud audits and forensics.
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