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Symantec Solutions for
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Extend your Protection and Management in the Cloud. Symantec and Amazon Web Services have teamed up to offer Symantec’s leading edge solutions for businesses and public sector organizations alike.

Cloud Computing with the Confidence of Protection by the Leading Provider of Security, Data Loss Prevention, Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

As many business and public sector organizations increasingly leverage the cloud for applications and services, they want to protect and manage those environments with security, data loss prevention, backup and disaster recovery solutions they trust. By taking the same proven solutions that organizations have come to rely on and extending them to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, organizations can enjoy the peace of mind knowing their people and information are protected by Symantec solutions.
Symantec solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) make using the cloud as easy as managing on-premise solutions, while lowering costs and adding improved flexibility.With AWS, companies can requisition compute power, storage, and other services, gaining access to a suite of IT infrastructure services, as their business demands them

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec™ Endpoint Protection is an endpoint security solution designed to provide a layered approach to defense. With a single client, it provides advanced protection including policy lockdown features to virtual machines on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Powered by the world's largest Global Intelligence Network, Symantec Endpoint Protection detects and removes more malwares most accurately . Its unique intelligent security technologies, Insight™ and SONAR™, can accurately identify file reputation and monitor file behavior in real-time, effectively protecting against unknown threats without slowing down the performance in virtual environments.

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NetBackup allows customers the freedom of choice for how they want to leverage the cloud for data protection. When it comes to storing data in the cloud, NetBackup can connect to Amazon S3 via cloud connector. In addition, the Amazon Storage Gateway can be presented to NetBackup as a disk target, which allows access to either S3 or Amazon Glacier. Through this approach, customers can dramatically lower storage costs without sacrificing unified management of their information or by creating additional silos.
In some cases, enterprise customers are using Amazon EC2 for hosted workloads, which also need to be backed up. In this scenario, customers can deploy a NetBackup media server in EC2 that can protect all their cloud-based workloads. Data can be stored within EC2 for local access and quick restores, but then moved back to on-premises and to less expensive cloud storage tiers like S3 or Glacier.
For added disaster recovery readiness, the management of the NetBackup environment (master server) can also be located in the cloud, reducing DR costs and eliminating the need to maintain a secondary DR site. Whatever your unique situation, NetBackup provides your enterprise the heterogeneous, scalable, backup and recovery options you need.

Backup Exec

Backup Exec 2012 protects virtual and physical environments, simplifies backup and disaster recovery, and offers unmatched recovery capabilities for data and applications. When paired with, Riverbed Whitewater as a WAN accelerated a cloud gateway device, and the AWS cloud, data protection experts can be assured of industry leading on-site data protection, coupled with the safety, security, and cost savings associated with enabling an offsite copy to the AWS cloud.

Riverbed Whitewater Resources

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Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

Symantec Disaster Recovery Orchestrator enables customers to automate and manage the takeover and failback of Microsoft Windows-based applications residing on premises in either physical or virtual machines (VMs) to public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Disaster Recovery Orchestrator replicates application data and fully automates end-to-end application recovery. Using Disaster Recovery Orchestrator to target the cloud for disaster recovery can significantly reduce costs while achieving stringent Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Data Loss Prevention

Customers can now confidently deploy workloads containing confidential data to the Amazon cloud with Symantec’s market-leading data loss prevention (DLP) solution. Symantec Data Loss Prevention provides comprehensive coverage and unified management of your confidential data across the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and your on-premises environment.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a content-aware data security solution that discovers, monitors and protects confidential data stored across the AWS cloud, including AWS-hosted instances of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. Unlike other security solutions that provide limited DLP controls, Symantec delivers deep content inspection, sophisticated policy and incident management, and proven scalability and performance. With AWS and Data Loss Prevention, businesses can confidently deploy workloads to the cloud without sacrificing control over of their confidential data.
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Symantec Identity: Access Manager

Symantec Identity: Access Manager is a next generation access control platform, the foundation for an information protection solution for the cloud; that integrates Single Sign-On (SSO) with strong authentication (Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service and Managed PKI Service), access control, and user management. In the cloud, where a traditional enterprise perimeter does not exist, Identity Access Manager fills the gap by helping enterprises adopt cloud-based applications while maintaining proper risk management and compliance measures to protect enterprise data and follow regulations.
Symantec Identity Access Manager is available on-premises or as a hosted service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Virtually any cloud-based application is supported with easy to create connectors. Also included is a built-in user directory for self service provisioning and integration with common identity providers to enforce security and compliance for applications without getting in the way of productivity.
The AWS cloud offers a secure, scalable infrastructure to support Identity Access Manager as it scales with an organization's need to manage additional apps, devices, and users.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an option for computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over a network. Hosting services on the internet are referred to as "Public Clouds," while hosting services on an internal network is referred to as a "Private Cloud."

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What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider, serving companies of all sizes. With AWS, companies can requisition compute power, storage, and other services, gaining access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure services, as business demands them. Learn More
What is the nature of the relationship between Symantec and Amazon Web Services?
Symantec recognizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a leading cloud infrastructure-as-a-service provider and has partnered with AWS to bring Symantec's products to the cloud. Symantec does not endorse or resell AWS offerings nor does AWS resell any of Symantec's products. Customers are encouraged to evaluate the product and service offerings made available by Symantec and AWS, and identify how each solution would benefit a particular use-case.
What products does Symantec have available for use on Amazon Web Services?
Currently Symantec Identity Access Manager, NetBackup, Disaster Recovery Orchestrator and Data Loss Prevention are qualified for use on Amazon Web Services. Additional Symantec products may be qualified for use in the near future
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