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Clearwell eDiscovery Technical Support. Learn about the changes to the eDiscovery support.

What’s Happening?

Clearwell support has been transitioned from our legacy case management system into the support system used by the rest of the Symantec Enterprise Technical Support organization. This change occurred over the weekend, and is live, effective on October 29, 2012.

What Does this Mean to You?

The same team who has been supporting you for the last several years will continue to do so, however we are changing our systems in order to better align with the tools and processes which are now available. This will better enable the team to offer streamlined, 24x7 support to you.
Beginning on October 29th, we will begin transitioning open support cases from the current system to the new system. You will receive notifications from the new system once the case is migrated, and you can reply to those notifications, as usual. Closed cases will not be migrated into the new system, but rather will be migrated to an internal knowledgebase which will allow the technical support team supporting the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform to rely on the knowledge we’ve gained by providing you world class support over the last several years. Our legacy system will be “read-only” once the content has been migrated, and external access will be shut down.

How Do you Get Support Now?

You’ll need to know your unique Customer Support ID in order to obtain support starting October 29, 2012. If you are designated as a technical contact for your organization, you should have received a letter sent October 8, 2012, indicating your unique 12-digit Customer Support ID. Use this number when contacting Symantec Technical Support in order to be routed correctly.

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Once your cases have been migrated, you can access them (and create new ones) via the new mySymantec portal, at https://my.symantec.com. Closed cases will continue to be accessible using the legacy Clearwell Connect system.

Legacy Clearwell Systems Customer Portal

If you have further questions, please contact your sales representative.